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HD voice coming to AT&T this year with Padfone X

AT&T will rollout HD voice later this year, with the Padfone X as the first smartphone to support the feature. Read on for more!
January 6, 2014
asus padfone x at&t

At its press conference at CES 2014, AT&T announced that it will start to rollout HD voice on its network later this year. The first phone on AT&T that will support HD voice is the new Asus Padfone X, which happens to be the first of the smartphone/tablet hybrid line to make it to the U.S.

While the phone will be the first to take advantage of higher-quality voice calls on the network, it’s likely that both people on the call have to be using a PadFone for HD voice to work. The phone will also support Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which should further enhance the quality of voice calls, but it’s not clear when AT&T will actually rollout VoLTE.

AT&T originally promised it would launch HD voice on its network last year, but it obviously missed that mark. Luckily they’ll finally be getting support off the ground in 2014, though they’ve yet to set a firm date.

Both Sprint and T-Mobile currently support HD voice, though support isn’t’t exactly universal, as not every device on the networks support the feature. In Sprint’s case, support for HD voice varies by region thanks to the different standards it applied across its network.

Hopefully AT&T’s rollout of HD voice will be a smooth one, but we wouldn’t wait to buy a new device just for the feature. Over time HD voice will be something you’ll want in every phone, but for now it’s just a promise of better sounding voice calls in the future. Assuming you still make a lot of voice calls.

Are you eager to try AT&T’s HD voice?