Android tablets are slowly and steadily becoming more popular and one of the barometers of its success are the games that developers release for it. I’ve covered a few games before, when Honeycomb was first released, but it seems we have a few more choice picks that are worth your while.

feature image taken from Mineweeper for Honeycomb

1. Fruit Ninja THD (free, 2.99 AUD to buy)

Slicing is such a comforting past time, especially if its only produce feeling the edge of the sharp (virtual blade). If you’ve got some skills in you, young grasshopper, try out this Tegra-optimized game. The free one has ads, which I think is the only difference between the two.

2. Vendetta Online (free)

Also set in space, Vendetta is a MMORPG adapted from its desktop version that lets you perfect your space flying maneuvers, explore the system and trade with other players. This free version bags you 8 hours of in-game time while to continue play, you need to subscribe for around $10 a month.

3. Robotek HD (free)

Robotek gives you command of a few robots to fuel your war against the machine who have taken over the world. Use them to your advantage or purchase in-app power ups to further your cause. Warning: This is thoroughly addicting.

4. Gun Bros (free)

You are an agent of F.R.A.G.G.E.D. out to defeat the evil T.O.O.L. Pair up with other Bros via Facebook or play by your own. One of the more engaging shooters for Honeycomb.

5. Glyder 2 (free, $2.99 to buy)

Play an aviatrix with wings in this high flying adventure optimized for tablets. The free version has ads, which seems to be the only difference between it and the paid version.

6. Everlands HD (£1.49)

The forest is beset by a mysterious plague, turning animal against each other. This might have cutesy graphic but it does need so strategic know-how to finish.

7. Angry Birds Rio (free)

Instead of pigs, you topple primates but everything else works pretty much the same as the original version featuring those crazy macaws you saw in the movie. It’s all presented in HD and is a perfect past time for you or your little ones. Special mention: Angry Birds Seasons

8. Brain Cube HD ($1.99)

This game proves that even puzzlers can get a nice HD treatment for Honeycomb. Control your monolith and drop it into the hole by rolling, tumbling, teleporting and more.

9. Arma II: Firing Range THD ($1.99)

This is kind of a showcase app since it’s just a firing range sim. Very nicely done though plus you can handle a wide variety of arms.

10. Apparatus (lite, $2.99 to buy)

Build a machine to move several marbles to the goal. The full version gives you access to community-created levels, freebuild mode and access to updates.

11. Sprinkle ($2.00)

Another physics game, this time you’re a fireman of sorts that need to use his trusty cannon to fight fires and save the day.

12. Bang Bang Racing THD ($6.11)

Like Micro Machines? Love racing? Then this game is for you. Race microcars with real dynamic physics that will make you feel as though you are playing it on a console.

13. EVAC HD (£ 1.49)

Feeling like a cross between Daft Punk and Pac Man, this game will surely make you think of those many Japanese puzzlers of old. You’re the pink block that needs to escape the maze to his freedom while avoiding, red and angry enemu blocks, traps and more.

14. Backbreaker THD ($4.99)

Play football from a first person perspective. It offers a lot of dynamic eye-candy including animated crowds, high-res textures and smoothly rendered players.