chromecast hbo go

Google’s $35 streaming dongle launched with just a couple of supported apps this summer, but some big names have joined the club since then, with the latest being HBO Go.

The fact that HBO was preparing to add Chromecast support to its Go apps (available on Android and iOS, for HBO subscribers only) was no secret. The company admitted as much back in July, and several clues surfaced over the past months, including a not-so-subtle listing on Google’s supported apps site last week.

Today, the update is a reality, and while there’s not much to say about it, its mere existence is notable, coming from a company that used to treat Android as a second-class citizen of the mobile world.

The updated app (Play Store link) will let users “fling” content to any TV set equipped with the HDMI dongle. HBO Go joins other major apps that support Chromecasting, including Hulu Plus and Netflix, as well as Google’s own YouTube and Play Movies. Not bad for a device that costs about the same as a movie night at your local theater.

Job listings hint to international Chromecast availability

DigitalTVEurope spotted a number of job listings that suggest Google is looking for staff to manage the extension of Chromecast availability outside the US. Google is reportedly looking for Chromecast account managers, developer advocates, and marketing managers based in London, Paris, and Hamburg, as well as personnel based in South Korea and China. The company is also looking to hire a manager based in Mountain View that is “passionate about launching consumer products in international markets”.

For now, the Chromecast is only available in the US Play Store (and from Motorola’s site), though Amazon shipped it internationally for a brief period, and you may get it from resellers, with the usual markup.