Google+ is on the loose! With the recent release of Google’s Facebook competitor there’s been up tick of social apps that are designed to work well with it. Here’s an offering from the Slide team, which has already given us Disco, a group messaging app. What they’re giving us next is Pool Party!

Sounds fun isn’t it? The name alone conjures up the social network vibe that Google is aiming for. So what exactly does Pool Party do? Well, it’s a photo-sharing app. That may sound simple but with the success of such net-based image servers like Flicker or Picasa, you can bet it has a lot more implications.

First of all, the app is currently in beta – invite-only like Google+ – so it may be awhile before we experience the goodness. The basic premise of the app is that you create albums of photos – or pools in the app’s parlance – and be able to share them with your friends in real-time.

What’s really fascinating is the Slide development team is doing its work on this while other teams from Google are working on additional Google+ features that do the same thing, except in component parts, like a group messaging component (Huddle) and a mobile photo sharing component (Instant Upload). This makes the Slide team an independent entity in Google hierarchy and that’s fascinating.


An additional feature to Pool Party is the ability to invite specific users to view a Pool. This gives them the ability to view, comment on, save, share and “like” photos within that pool/album. You can also tag photos to be part of different pools. Early beta reports paint the app as fast and easy-to-use, with a pretty spartan interface and settings. The only other options available are changing your first and last name, profile photo, gender, and whether you want to receive live updates. Pools can also be renamed, their memberships managed, and set to notify you of any updates.

Here’s to seeing more of this app soon!

Source: TechCrunch

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