Last week a new photo of a Motorola mystery phone surfaced showing off bodacious curves with little else on details.  Today, Gizmodo Brazil has unleashed a flurry of new crisp pictures to whet our appetite.  The phone, said to be at the lower end of Motorola’s Android spectrum, looks to be a CLIQ/BACKFLIP sans the physical keyboard and wacky mechanical features.  The shell of the device is very attractive and even though the screen seems quite small, looks to have potential to be a big seller for the market it is targeting.

Specs at this point include MOTOBLUR running on 1.5, a 3.2-inch HVGA screen, a 5 megapixel camera with flash, a zune-like trackpad, and touch sensitive navigational buttons much like the DROID/Milestone.  T-Mobile is rumored to be the carrier of choice if this phone does come to the United States, and a launch date has been pinned to March 10th.  More details should be surfacing soon as MWC is just around the corner.  More pictures after the jump.

[via Gizmodo]