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Hangouts name for Babel apparently confirmed in Google Chat desktop notifications

New Google Chat desktop notifications show a Google+ Hangouts name, thus apparently confirming that the rumored Google Babel service would be called Hangouts. Read on to see screenshots!
May 9, 2013
Google Babel

A variety of users have seen Google+ Hangouts notifications appear, a sign that seems to further prove the fact that a unified messaging system – previously known as Babel – will soon be unveiled by the company.

Google+ Hangouts notification (left) vs Google Chat notification (right)

A few reddit users posted images of the new Google+ Hangouts notifications, which were seen appearing instead the usual Google Chat popup that alerts users about incoming calls. User united_xtrimsky, who posted the above images says:

I have my android phone linked with Google Voice, and Google Voice also calls my desktop computer because it has Google Chat installed.

I got an incoming call, and didn’t answer the phone. Usually when I do that I get a popup on my computer saying that someone is trying to call me in Google Chat.

Now I just got a large popup, saying that someone is calling me from Google+ Hangouts! (Which confirms it will just be called Hangouts).

I guess anyone of you can test it if you install Google Chat Chrome Extension and redirect calls to “Google Talk” inside Google Voice.

Here is a screenshot: [see image above, screenshot on the left]

EDIT: AND ITS GONE…. (back to normal popup) [see image above, screenshot on the right]

However, as you can see from the original reddit message, the same user did not see the notification again in a second call. He further added that he did not tamper with the images he provided, and the asterisks in the phone number appeared like that automatically.

Google+ Hangouts notification
Google+ Hangouts call

Another user has spotted a different design for the same Google+ Hangouts notification (images above). Here’s how dude2K5 describes his experience with it:

Woah, I got it too. Had to have chat for google extension enabled. on the latest dev channel. with google now on in chrome:flags

I also joined the call, another screenshot [see the two images above]

edit: when I joined, then left the hangout, the call was still on. it never disconnected. so it puts the call in the hangout, but keeps it a “hangout” of sorts. interesting. call management/center control from chrome soon perhaps?

As you can see, we’re looking at two different kinds of Google+ Hangouts calls notifications. Mehu, a third reddit user says:

I’m also on stable [not dev channel] and mine looks like yours, so I’m guessing you are correct about the design difference.

Here is a screenshot. [image below]

It’s kind of weird though, the first time, the bottom box didn’t show up, only the hangouts one was there. But now, both are there every time I call.

Google+ Hangouts notification

A few days ago we’ve seen the first signs that Google Babel may in fact be called Hangouts when the product is official. The first report suggested that Babel will be called Hangout, and then the same tipster corrected that information saying that the name of the service will actually be Hangouts. He also added that the app may lack SMS/MMS support at least at launch.

However, nothing is official yet and we’ll have to wait for Google to unveil this new unified messaging service to tell you more details about it.

Has anyone else seen similar Google+ Hangouts notifications?