You want to see something different? Lenovo/Motorola has just released a new commercial, and it is easily the oddest Moto ad I have ever seen. It certainly has a certain charm to it, though. Let’s take a look at it before we dig deeper.The ad seems to take a shot at Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack, over-exaggerating a design change in the 3.5 mm audio port’s location. The rest of the video is pretty much two guys wearing black turtlenecks dancing eerily in a white room.

That is until the end, when writing shows up stating “they changed the headphone jack, we changed the smartphone”.

Lenovo/Motorola is very proud of what they have done with the Moto Z and its Moto Mods. The idea of upgrading a smartphone on the fly has been contemplated for quite some time, but was never quite done very well until lately.Enjoy the video and try not to dream about it tonight. I know I can’t really erase it from my mind, and I need to stop singing that silly song.

Edgar Cervantes
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