From Left to Right: Galaxy S2, Xperia S, Xperia Ion

We’ve got a double feature for you in this one. We’ve got Sony’s new Xperia Ion and its’ brother the Xperia S. The only main difference between the two other then its’ style and design, is that the Xperia S is a HSPA-only device while the Xperia Ion supports LTE.

Android Authority’s Founder, Darcy LaCouvee was on hand to speak with Sony about their two new Xperia devices and got plenty of pictures to share with you. He also compared it to his Samsung Galaxy S2, it looks like the Xperia Ion and Xperia S blow the Galaxy S2 out of the water, at least for now, we’ll see what Samsung has up for us at Mobile World Congress which isn’t to far away.

We haven’t heard of any US release dates yet for either phone, but we have heard some for the UK and Japan, which start in February, so hopefully those of us in the US can get our hands on these very soon.

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