Last week at CES 2012 Toshiba had a lot of cool stuff to show us, we saw the Excite X10 tablet and now we are seeing Toshiba’s Transfer Jet Technology. It allows you to transfer up to 400mbps to another device, pretty fast right? Check out the video below for a full demo.

This blazing fast and wireless data transfer protocol is going to be awesome, I know I can’t wait to get to use it. Transfer Jet is really high bandwidth and very low power envelope, even lower then bluetooth. It does work on a closed connection and the devices have to sit a certain way, basically the connectors have to read each other.

Ok, so who’s excited to see Toshiba’s Transfer Jet make it’s way to Android soon? I know I am, maybe now when you download a new ROM onto your computer you can use Toshiba’s Transfer Jet to transfer it to your device without using data cables? Now wouldn’t that be awesome? Let us know why you’re excited about Toshiba’s Transfer Jet in the comments below.

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