It’s that time of the year for costumes and candies, and we’re sure that many of you are stressing over preparations for Halloween. The good news is that your Android device can help you be on top of the situation and dramatically lessen your worries. Before you give yourself more wrinkles, check out these apps that make for good parental tricks so that you can have the freedom to treat your kids to a more enjoyable holiday.

Baby Monitor

If it’s your little bundle of joy’s first Halloween, what better way to keep track of him or her with Baby Monitor, a free app that informs you via text or call when your baby is crying while you’re busy with holiday preparations. It also gives you tips on how to put him or her to sleep, just in case the scary monsters in the closet won’t go away. Just make sure that your phone plan can support the app, as it automatically calls and texts pre-programmed numbers when triggered.

Life 360

Trick-or-treating can be a stressful affair, especially if you and your kid get separated in a crowd, or if it’s the first time to let your little one collect candies without you. Lessen your worries with Life 360, a tracking app that accurately reports the location of your child with the use of GPS, WiFi and Cell Triangulation technology.

Moreover, it gives you information as to what threats and areas of safety are within the vicinity, and has a panic alarm system that will alert you in case of emergency. The app is free for Android and iOS devices, but the $4.99 a month you’ll shell out for standard phones is well worth it.

Kid Care

Children are resilient, but in case your little one develops a sudden cough or inexplicable rashes, it’s better to know what the possible causes are and what immediate aid you can administer. The Kid Care app by St. Louis Children’s Hospital gives you access to information on the possible causes of your child’s discomfort. Simply search for the symptom that best matches the condition, and browse for the recommended first aid. It also tells you when to call for professional medical help based on the development of the condition or illness.


It’s great to take pictures while your kid is in costume, but it’s better if both of you can have fun with it. Edit photos on the fly with Pixlr-O-Matic, an app that lets you add funky effects with a swipe of your kid’s little fingers. It includes filters to help you create a creepy Halloween mood, lighting effects for more drama, and frames to give a finished feel to your snapshots. You can also immediately share your photos on Facebook, or export them to your gallery for safekeeping.

Creepy Tales

Do you have a child that can’t stay put? Invite him or her for scary story-telling time with Creepy Tales. Curl up on the couch and enjoy 100 short stories that will heighten the Halloween mood and keep your kid engrossed. Just be prepared to have him or her crawl up your bed in the middle of the night in case it gets a tad bit too scary.


Remember that these apps can only assist you – there’s nothing better than having a responsible parent spending tons of holiday quality time with his or her children. So give yourself the license to relax and enjoy with your kids, and have a happy and worry-free Halloween.

via: MakeUseOf