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These 1-day Halloween deals are scary good!

Witches and creatures of the night won't be the only ones in your front step; the AA Deals Store is also knocking on your door to offer you some scary good deals you simply can't say no to.
October 31, 2015

Witches and creatures of the night roam our neighborhoods this evening, as do candy-hungry children looking to score sweet treats. But these little beasts won’t be the only ones in your front step; the AA Deals Store is also knocking on your door to offer you some scary good deals you simply can’t say no to.

Joining the awesome savings the AA Deals Store already offers is an extra 15% discount. You just have to apply coupon code “SCARY15” upon checkout. But you better hurry, as this additional discount will only be available today – Halloween. These offers include courses, drones and handy accessories.

Code Black Drone with HD camera

Brooms are good for flying around town, but they don’t come close to the performance modern drones can offer. And for $84.99 (plus the 15% discount), you really can’t complain about this Code Black Drone deal.

This guy will literally do flips for you. And there are both beginner and expert modes, so you don’t need to feel intimidated or go take flight classes. There’s also a mounted HD camera in there, so you can take all the amazing aerial footage you always wanted.

Snowflake Stealth Drone


Need something a bit more compact? The Snowflake Stealth Drone literally fits in the palm of your hand. You also get to pay a much lower $36.99 price, before factoring in the added discount. It’s super cute, as well as fast and fun!

Bluetooth Beanie & Touch Gloves Bundle

Technology is evolving quickly and clothing has to keep up with it. For starters, I would like to request pants with bigger pockets that can fit those growing smartphones. This may be hard to accomplish, but at least we have cool beanies and gloves that are meant for smartphone use.

For starters, this beanie has a speaker and microphone. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so staying in touch is a breeze. Those who live in cold areas likely find it annoying to have to take off their gloves every time they are to use their smartphones. These gloves support touch screens, so this will no longer be an issue.

Factor in that you will only pay $39 (minus that 15% discount) and you have a winning deal!

KeySmart 2.0 Titanium Key Organizer

This little key organizer is actually pretty cool. It keeps all your keys together, a la Swiss Army knife. But we know you are probably wondering just how the heck this has anything to do with technology or Android.

Well, it doesn’t directly tie into Android, but as you can see in the video below, it’s actually possible to put a USB flash drive in there, keeping your data handy at all times! At under $30, this just might be the tool you need.

The Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle


A 94% discount (plus a 15% coupon) simply can’t be ignored. Especially when you can get a $1,036 course bundle for under $60! Aspiring coders will be especially fond of this deal, as these courses focus on teaching you web and mobile development for beginners.

Students will work with Python, Node, Ruby on Rails, PHP and more. Don’t know what these mean? You will soon!

Linux Learner Bundle


It’s dangerous to learn Linux alone, take this! But seriously, Linux can be a bit complicated and intimidating. But the Linux Learner Bundle teaches you all you need in order to navigate the operating system like a champ.

The courses go over the basics, as well as Linux servers, so you have enough content to study for days! All for $49 (plus the 15% discount), which is a great deal considering the bundle is valued at $502.