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Deal: Pick up the Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock for 51% off, ChargeTech 24000mAh Outlet for 39% off

The AA Deals Store is currently offering big savings on the Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock and the super-convenient ChargeTech 24000mAh Portable Power Outlet. Head here for more info!
July 2, 2015

Nowadays, many of us have replaced our standard alarm clocks with our smartphones… and for good reason. We do just about everything else with our mobile devices, and they’re normally charging overnight right next to our beds. But replacing your regular alarm clock with your smartphone doesn’t come without its downfalls. For instance, what if you want to view the time in the middle of the night? Sure, there are clever features like Daydream Mode built in to some Android devices, but for many, that won’t cut it. If you find yourself in the same boat more often than not, the AA Deals Store has a great deal going on that will save you some money on the Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock.

By the looks of it, the Hale Dreamer seems to be a simple smartphone dock. But if you dig down a bit deeper, you’ll find many more features that might be worth your while. With the Hale Dreamer, you can not only have the satisfaction of a physical clock with a snooze button, but also take advantage of the awesome SmartSilence technology that helps you get the most out of your sleep. You’ll also be able to set specific callers to right and others to stay silent, not to mention program it to send an auto SMS asking the caller to reply “e” for emergency or kindly, “call back later”. Sounds awesome, right? If you’re interested, you can purchase the Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock from the Android Authority Deals Store for just $48, which is a massive 51% off the normal retail price.


The Hale Dreamer isn’t the only great promotion we have going on today, though. This next deal aims to make charging your devices much easier, especially if you aren’t near a wall outlet. The 24000mAh portable power outlet made by ChargeTech offers up a fully-functioning AC outlet so you can keep your smartphone, laptop and other devices charged up wherever you are. It also has built-in USB ports so you can charge your smartphone, tablet and laptop at the same time! For just $199 (39% off) you can pick up your very own ChargeTech 24000mAh Portable Power Outlet from the AA Deals Store.

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