Guy_KawasakiApple’s former chief technology evangelist Guy Kawasaki has taken a job as an advisor to Motorola. His remit at Motorola includes product design, user interface, marketing, and social media. One of his first social media tasks has been to setup the Mobile Devices Google+ community.

The reason Guy gives for joining Motorola is that it reminds him of Apple back in 1998 when, just after Steve Jobs return, the company was ripe for innovation. Citing the iMac G3 (and its now almost famous color schemes like Bondi, Strawberry and Blueberry), Kawasaki is convinced that if Motorola releases some great products it can push its way to the top of the Android phone makers.

Although Kawasaki only worked at Apple for a few years, he became only one of nine Apple Fellows in recognition for his extraordinary contributions to personal computing. Other Apple Fellows include Al Alcorn (the inventor of Pong) and Steve Wozniak.

The new mobile devices Google+ community isn’t just about Android but is for mobile devices from any manufacturer, running any operating system, regardless of carrier network. And it looks like Guy isn’t afraid to promote Android’s growing popularity.

In recent years Guy Kawasaki is best known as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and author. He has written for many magazines including Forbes and has published several books. One of them, which he wrote in 1990, is available for free. It is called The Macintosh Way. One can’t help but wonder if there will be a follow-up called The Android Way!

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