Owners of the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus should start checking for updates, as Android 4.1.2 is coming to the device via an over the air update today. Seeing that the Nexus 7 received the same update last week, this is hardly a surprise.

While the update is mainly a bug fix release with some other tweaks, there is at least one new feature included in the update. Users can now expand and collapse notifications with one-finger gestures, as opposed to the two-finger gestures required before. Apparently the update also adds auto-rotation support for the lock and home screens. Some users who have already received the update are claiming improved performance, saying that the UI feels smoother.

Remember: this update is only for users of the unlocked version of the Galaxy Nexus. Users of the phone who have Sprint or Verizon as a carrier won’t be able to get the update. Not just yet, anyway.

While some users are claiming that they are receiving the same update for their GSM Nexus S devices, we have yet to see these claims substantiated.

GSM Galaxy Nexus owners: have you gotten the update yet? Are you seeing the improved performance some users are claiming?

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