GrootBoard Keyboard Guardians of the Galaxy

Please, for the sake of all things science fiction, do not confuse this with the Hodor keyboard. Should you happen to yell “Hodor” at a tree, you could get attacked by a raccoon. You’ve been warned.

This is GrootBoard, an alternative keyboard designed to ease your “I am Groot” cravings.

Not much more to see here, the app is considerably expensive at $0.99, but it is all yours in the Google Play Store, if you want it. Just don’t confuse it with the alternative version, which I will not link to, that incorrectly says “I have Groot.”

You may have missed out on the deal part of it, but don’t forget to check out the Guardians of the Galaxy game and comics that we took a look at in the Play Store recently.

Best Marvel movie ever?

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