One of the perks/hassles of being a big-time tech writer (self-irony alert!) is that you get all kinds of requests from different people to write articles about them and their work. Everybody has a breakthrough app, an innovative new game or a cool website they want people to hear about, and they often come to us to make it known.

A few days ago, while quickly going through e-mails talking about the latest “next Facebook” or “future Warcraft for Android” I actually bumped into something interesting. It was an e-mail from Gojee’s CEO, announcing the launch of the company’s Android app.

Now Gojee did ring a bell, but I didn’t know right there and then when did I hear about it the first time. After a quick Google search I remembered that I heard people talking about it as the “online Mecca of recipe sharing.”

I’m not much of a cook myself, but I did decide to give the story a chance and had a quick look at the fresh app’s demo video over on Vimeo. The clip only shows off the iOS version of the app (boo!), but hopefully the Android app looks and behaves exactly the same (I didn’t get a chance to test it out yet).

As I see it, Gojee could make life so much easier for many of us bachelors who don’t have a clue about cooking, but do know how to appreciate good food when it’s staring in our face. Not to mention the app has a “drinks segment” too, heavily teased in the demo video, which can helps us all become skilled bartenders in just a few steps.

The way the app works is that you type in ingredients you want to use at your recipes (or delicious cocktails) and Gojee comes up with all the instructions you need to get everything done. It’s like a “smart” cookbook in a way, but it actually redefines the word “smart.” You can, of course, browse through photos of dishes or drinks, “favorite” the ones that tickle your taste buds the most and then either follow the classic recipe or try to be original and replace some of the ingredients with what you have on hand.

As smart and cool as the app sounds, it’s actually very straightforward and simple to use, being based on external content rather than bulking up recipes in one place. Now I don’t want you to get too excited about Gojee for Android, so I’m going to wrap the post up by saying what I usually say about fresh new apps or unreleased ones. Let’s see how it actually looks in reality. You can do that right now, by going to this Google Play link and downloading the free app.

Who’s excited about Gojee? And who’s already got a chance to test it out?