There are a variety of ways to search for your desired job positions—through the Internet, the classified ads portion of the newspaper, job posters and flyers, personal referrals, and now directly on your Android device.

The Government Jobs app is designed to help those who are searching for jobs in the U.S. government and jumpstart their careers. The jobs displayed are job openings in the U.S. federal government. The app displays up-to-date job offers, keeping U.S. citizens updated of job openings and increases one’s chances of getting hired.

The app carries the following features:

  • searches job agencies or job titles
  • displays original results from
  • sends job information via email or SMS
  • saves search results for offline viewing
  • notifies users of new job openings
  • searches job ads based on your current location and state
  • works on both Android phones and tablets
  • configures frequency and time of job notification alert

If you’re a U.S citizen and having a hard time looking for your perfect job, this app could be your suitable partner to help you search for the right government job directly from your Android device.

The Government Jobs app’s interface is simply designed and easy to use. Opening the app brings you to its main menu, which contains a search box on top and a few buttons below namely: New Search, My Searches, Help, Menu, and Save Search.

To search for a certain job position, type in the specific job title on the search bar and click the Search button.

Before searching for a job, the app requires you to fill out some important information for it to accurately locate a job for you. You need to provide your location, city and state, ZIP code, and the area or radius of the search. Once the form is filled, save your settings and click the search button to begin the search.

After you type in the desired job position, the app will show you a list of  available job positions that meet the criteria you configured earlier. Click a job title to learn more information about it such as the job title, salary, job description, location, and agency. Some listings may even provide specific job requirements and duties.

You may also configure your job notification sound alert, led notifications, vibration, and a lot more.

Start your hunt for a career in government service. Download the Government Jobs app free from the Android Market.

What kind of government job are you looking for?

Alvin Ybañez
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