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Record your roads in 1080p with the GoSafe S37 for under $100

Capture the roads around you with the GoSafe S37. This is your chance to grab a great dashcam for just under $100.
October 19, 2019

Everyone knows about the wild dashcam videos that pop up on YouTube. What if you could record your own experiences? Grab this high-tech GoSafe S37 and record the roads for only $99.99.

The GoSafe S37 can do so much more than just record the occasional meteor. It features driver-assist features that recognize stop signs and driver fatigue symptoms. You can trust that the little camera has its eye on both you and the road to ensure the best safety conditions.

The built-in G-sensor saves 5 minutes of footage in an accident.

The GoSafe S37 features a Sony Exmor sensor that adjusts light conditions to make sure that the video quality is recorded in crisp, 1080p HD resolution. The lens is ultra-wide-angle and records a 140-degree field of view.

A pair of fuzzy dice won’t be much help in the case of an accident, but a dashcam is fast becoming an essential car accessory. The GoSafe S37 won’t fill up the included 8GB memory card with useless clips either. The camera records over the oldest footage once the storage limit is reached.

It’s easy to joke about recording meteors and odd occurrences on a dashcam, but it’s important to realize that these recordings could make a big difference in case of an accident. The GoSafe S37 is built to grab a clear picture in any condition to provide video insurance for your peace of mind.

The GoSafe S37 dashcam at a glance:

  • Wide-angle-lens that records 140-degree footage.
  • Exclusive driver-assist features to keep you safe.
  • Included 8GB MicroSD card.
  • Begins recording as soon as power is supplied.

You can save money and stress by buying the GoSafe S37 for just $99.99. That’s a savings of $69.99, and stock is limited. Think about how helpful it would be in case of an accident.

Hit the button below and upgrade your car’s safety features now.

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