We received information that Google has just hired Apple’s former Senior Director for product integrity, Simon Prakash. While both Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt may have had a ‘no poaching’ agreement in the past, it seems like this is no longer in effect. This got us thinking if this will spark another series of patent issues and what-not.

Prakash was with Apple for 8 years and was recently the head for ensuring quality control for all Apple products. As of this writing, there is no news as to what Prakash’s new title will be, or if he will ever be working on Android related tasks. We heard Google assigned him to work on a ‘secret project.’ Does this have something to do with the mysterious device they recently signed up for at the FCC?

But our source believes that this ‘secret project’ will be operated by Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, who has also worked on multiple secret projects for the company.

Perhaps Apple will realize that they have lost a great man, considering that they have been well known for their product quality. But with Prakash’s transfer to Google, we hope for better things to come!

And going back to that ‘no poaching’ agreement, the Department of Justice is currently investigating the two companies.


Anyway, we’re more interested in this ‘secret project.’ Do you have a clue? The suspense is killing us! Can you give us a hint what you think it is all about?