Andy Rubin (Credit: Stephen Shankland/ Wall Street Journal reported on Google’s Andy Rubin’s discussion of the future of the Android OS at a media event in San Francisco last week. Rubin mentioned the code names for the next few versions of Android. Donut, which we were well aware of, will be followed by Eclair and….wait for it….Flan.

Flan? Really?

Anyway, citing most of the same reasons I mentioned on Friday, Rubin also noted that the arrival of the Chrome OS does not by any stretch mean that Android is dead, because the two systems are very different in how they work and what purpose they serve, saying that “Chrome has a very Web-centric view of the world”.

This in spite of CEO Eric Schmidt’s statement that the two platforms “may merge even closer” in the future.

Rubin also mentioned that social networking features are going to be a big push for Android, following the lead of firms like Palm, with its webOS, and even HTC, which has added a lot of social media features to its own flavor of Android on the HTC Hero.

Rubin also said, once again, that he expects 15 to 20 different Android devices to be available by the end of the year.