Those who are still waiting for some sliver of good news regarding Google’s “experimental” media streaming device will not be too pleased to hear that the Nexus Q has moved further away from ever being released.

While the Nexus Q is still listed on Google Play, the description now says that it’s “no longer available for sale”, which means you can probably stop saving up for the device — $299 was the expected price — and start moving on to something else.


Back in October, Google removed all traces of the Q’s existence on the Nexus landing page. Prior to that, we also saw the device’s listing went from “shipping soon” to “not for sale” on the Play Store, before Google finally dropped the bomb that it’s been indefinitely delayed.

Is this it then for Nexus Q? Quite possibly. However, there’s always a chance that Google will resurrect the device in another form, one  that also offers more functionality. Who knows what surprise awaits us at the Google I/O 2013, which has been scheduled to take place in May.

Even though you’ve barely gotten to know the Nexus Q, are you going to miss the orb-shaped hardware?

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