Back in November, Google introduced a new technology called RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Super Image Resolution). The company says that RAISR uses machine learning to produce quality versions of low-resolution images on your device.

The whole purpose of the new technology is to improve the quality of images posted online without using a lot of bandwidth at the same time. Google has been testing the feature and states that it was able to use up to 75 percent less bandwidth per image with the help of RAISR, which is quite impressive.

Google has already started rolling out the new tech to its products. It is currently only available on Google+, the social network where photographers and others share their images with the world. It makes sense that Google+ is the first to get it, but we do expect that the company will also implement it into some of its other apps in the next months.

Features like these are quite important for users as they lead to faster loading speeds and help reduce data usage. We hope to see them not only in Google’s apps and services but in those by other developers as well in the future.

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