An interesting patent filed by Google last year was recently revealed through a publication this month showing what appears to be a new touch gesture invention that could help users better interact with their touch devices. It’s actually an original search-based gesture that is meant to be used for future devices. The invention, dubbed as “Continuous Gestures”, will allow touch gestures to call and command search functions on every content found on the screen. If you think that the technology is familiar, you can actually find this relatively similar process in apps like the Dolphin Browser and Google Search.

According to the patent filed by Google, the said “Continuous Gestures” will allow users to draw circles on whatever they want to search within the screen by drawing letters such as a letter “g”, meant to initiate a search function using Google, or a letter “S”, which, according to the document, will trigger a pop-up menu for search options using Yahoo, Wikipedia or Bing. Essentially, the search function is automatically initiated each time the user lifts his or her finger from the screen. But the technology makes perfect sense. What’s the point of having touch-sensitive devices if we have to dig through sub-menus to achieve what should be a simple, easily executed command?

Google is working hard to revolutionize mobile technology in its strictest sense by maximizing the touch screen capabilities of their future devices while minimizing the need for external support at the same. That’s basically the reason why this patent was filed in the first place.  We all know the limitations of touch-sensitive devices. In contrast to standard computing devices such as desktops and laptops, touch-sensitive devices might have problems detecting user input. That is, of course, true. You can probably relate to the difficulty of highlighting a particular piece of content in an article using your finger.

PC’s on the other hand, have the I/O advantage via dedicated inputs such as track pads, the mouse and the keyboard. But with the technology around us constantly evolving, not to mention the epic rise of smartphones and tablets these days, there is a need to find newer and better ways of communicating via our mobile devices. Google’s newly filed patent is one of those solutions that we are looking for. Google uses the term “Continuous Gesture” on its new invention. If the patent will be finalized and approved, mobile computing will be easier for us all. The patent was filed last year sometime in the 3rd Quarter and it was published by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) this month. You can get an in-depth view of this technology by visiting this site.