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Google X Phone not to offer customizable hardware, new report says

A new report now says that the X Phone won't offer user customizable hardware, but that other future Motorola devices could come with such features.
March 21, 2013
Motorola X Phone

The X Phone rumor mill is getting stronger and stronger these days, and we have a new report that contradicts some of the most recent things we’ve heard about Google’s upcoming Android handset, specifically, hardware customization.

Phone Arena has it from “sources in the know” whom it trust that “it is very unlikely that the X Phone would be sold as a customizable device.”

A few days ago, a couple of reports suggested that the handset would let users personalize some aspects of the hardware such as amount of RAM and storage, and color options. Once ordered, the custom X Phone would be delivered in a week, with users being able to further setup their phones (wallpapers, pre-loaded apps) before they are delivered.

To further fuel those reports, Motorola advisor Guy Kawasaki posted an interesting question on Google+ the other day, suggesting that future smartphones could be user-customizable. Kawasaki did not refer to any future Motorola handsets and did not mention the X Phone in his short message. Instead he linked to a recent Porsche YouTube video that shows potential buyers what kind of personalization the carmaker can offer to Porsche customers when ordering new models.

However, today’s report doesn’t completely refute the possibility of Motorola making customizable Android smartphones. Such devices could be available “later in the year” although they won’t be part of the X Phone line.

We’ll be keeping tabs on this particular X Phone customization story and see how it evolves in the following months.