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Google X Phone with Android 5.0.1 (Key Lime Pie?) reportedly scores over 15,000 in AnTuTu

A purported AnTuTu screenshot shows an over 15,000 score for a Google X Phone running Android 5.0.1 (which could be a Key Lime Pie version).
April 24, 2013
Google X Phone render

A new AnTuTu entry seems to prove the Google X Phone exists, a device that appeared in a variety of reports in the recent past, and the fact that it will run a different Android version than what’s currently available.

Right from the start we’ll tell you that the listing could be fake, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, so let’s take it with the appropriate grain of salt. After all, this isn’t the first time an unconfirmed device appears in AnTuTu benchmarks well ahead of its official launch.

Moving to the screenshot, we’ll notice a few things about the device – assuming it’s the real deal, that is – including the Google X name, the Android 5.0.1 OS version and the AnTuTu score. However, not many other details about the Google X Phone are revealed in the screenshot.


We have referred to this mythical new Motorola handset as the Motorola X Phone or the Google X Phone, but the device could be simply called Google X, as the screenshot seems to reveal. Whatever the name, the Google X could be the kind of product that has everyone excited about at Google, from Eric Schmidt, to Jim Wicks to Larry Page.

Moving on to the actual benchmark score, 15479, we would be inclined to believe this Google X Phone won’t necessarily beat the competition’s flagship devices when it comes to raw power, not that this means the Google X won’t be a reliable device – again, assuming the screenshot above is real.

As you can see from our AnTuTu chart below, the Google X score matches the Galaxy S3’s AnTuTu performance, which is not bad considering the we’re talking about Samsung’s previous flagship device and the best sold Android handset to date.

Galaxy S4 Antutu benchmark

However, the two devices are running different Android versions, with Google X apparently packing Android 5.0.1. The OS is yet to be unveiled by Google, and, while the general consensus is that Android 5.x will be known as Key Lime Pie, that’s still not official either.

Should users be disappointed by a device that’s not able to outscore the bestest Android flagship handsets out there? Not at all, after all that over 15,ooo score would be cataloged as mid-ranged by 2013 standards. Furthermore, the same Jim Wicks said that Motorola won’t be chasing specs anymore, suggesting that the inches, megahertz and megapixels races may be over for Google’s subsidiary when it comes to new devices. Instead Google may be focusing on making a device that’s the right size (according to Wicks), can deal with shocks, resist water damage and offer great battery life (according to Page), or a “phenomenal” “phone plus” thing (according to Schmidt).

Moreover, assuming the Google X won’t match the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One in terms of hardware, a previous rumor that said the Google X Phone will be a very affordable device makes even more sense.

We’ll end our speculation here on the Google X Phone, reminding you that this AnTuTu supposed score may not paint the full picture yet, if real, as we’d be looking at a benchmark performed on an unreleased device running a not-yet-final OS, so things may change in the future. Of course, there’s always the chance that the whole thing is a hoax meant to put our imagination to the test.

That said, anyone looking forward to this Google X Phone?