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Google rebrands its enterprise efforts as 'Google for Work'

Google has offiically rebranded its enterprise efforts as "Google for Work."
September 3, 2014
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Today, Google announced a renaming of their tools and productivity services to ‘Google for Work. Google is re-branding likely due to their desire to gain a foothold into the world of business products. This renaming will allow for them to directly compete for business services with ‘for Work’ attached to their business services. Each Google service will pick up a ‘for Work’ name attached to it. For example, ‘Google Drive’ will be renamed as ‘Google Drive for Work.’

Google noted today that services like Gmail and Docs are used by more than 5 million businesses already. As TechCrunch notes, “Other Revenues” for Google make up just 10% of the company’s total top line yet still rose 53% year-over-year for the quarter.

Amit Singh, Google’s president of its enterprise efforts, told the media that Drive for Work, the company’s cloud storage play for business customers, is currently picking up around 1,800 new customers per week. He also indicated that 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies currently use paid Google for Work services. – TechCrunch

In July, Apple struck a deal with IBM which allows iPhone and iPad users to use selected enterprise apps. The deal also has IBM’s 100,000 consultants pushing Apple products with corporate clients. In other words, competition is really hitting up in the enterprise space.