Google Wireless Charging Orb

The LG Nexus 4 is now official. While we knew just about every feature coming to the new Nexus smartphone, its support of wireless charging is probably one of the coolest things about the Nexus 4. The wireless charging system will work with a new optional device Google is calling the Wireless Charging Orb.

As far as design aesthetics are concerned, Google basically took a sphere and sliced it in half. From there Google utilizes some kind of magnetic technology to allow the Nexus 4 to dock to itself at an angle. Not only does this look awesome, it serves a real purpose as well. When docked to the orb, the Nexus 4 will go into its new DayDream mode. This allows your phone to show off photos, display news from Google Currents and other basic information.

Does this sound familiar? That’s because WebOS devices had the same feature, though back then it was known as Exhibition. That’s not the only thing that the new Google Wireless Charging Orb has in common with WebOS. The device itself also looks somewhat reminiscent of the old Palm TouchStone wireless charging dock for Palm Pre devices.

While the new charger might not be the first of its kind, it is still pretty cool looking, to say the least.  At the moment we don’t know when the accessory is launching or how much it will cost.  What do you think, interested in the Nexus 4 and its new Wireless Charging Orb?

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