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Google reportedly considering its own wireless carrier service

According to a new report, Google is strongly considering the possibility of rolling out its own wireless carrier service in cities that have Google Fiber access.
April 3, 2014
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Google already offers Google Fiber internet access to select markets and is exploring ways to bring web access to remote parts of the world using all sorts of unique methods, but what about cellular phone access? According to a new report from the Information, such an idea is floating around at Google as we speak.

Citing unnamed sources who “discussed the matter with Google”, the service could roll out to the same areas where Google Fiber is offered. As for the network infrastructure? While last year Google was reportedly in talks with Sprint to launch such an MVNO-based service, Google has shifted its plans and is said to be more interested in reaching  deal with Verizon Wireless or perhaps even T-Mobile.

Google exploring Verizon or T-Mobile as possible partners for the service

Verizon could certainly be an attractive option thanks to its wide level of coverage across the U.S., but unless Google made a version of its Nexus handset that played nicely with the Verizon-based MVNO service, it also would mean that the Google carrier wouldn’t necessarily have access to Google’s Nexus 5 — which would be a pretty odd move to say the least.

In many ways, T-Mobile seems like the more natural partner for Google, since T-Mobile’s more progressive approach to wireless phone service would likely better fit in with Google’s own approach. Of course, it’s still early in the game, so it’s hard to say what will happen if and when Google goes ahead with its plans to create its own MVNO carrier service.

Google as a phone service provider

Does the idea of a Google-backed MVNO make sense? It really depends on how Google presents the service. If it was included as a freebie or a bundled part of Google Fiber, absolutely. If Google could control software updates on its MVNO-based carrier it could also potentially offer faster Android updates, which could make its service even more appealing for those of us rocking Android devices.

The Information speculates that Google’s wireless service could work somewhat like Republic Wireless, in that it would use Google Fiber Wi-Fi access points to make calls, texts and use data when it can, and would then route over to their partnering network in situations where you don’t have Wi-Fi access.

What do you think, would you be interested in a Google-backed wireless service provider, particularly if it was included as an option alongside Google Fiber? Let us know what you think in the comments!