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Google-powered Wi-Fi Passport brings city-wide Wi-Fi access to Jakarta

Google is now testing out a new service in called Wi-Fi Passport, which allows for city-wide Wi-Fi access at an affordable price. Currently the service is only available in Jakarta, Indonesia.
October 28, 2013

We already know that bringing web access to all parts of the globe is an important goal for Google, as evidenced by Project Loon. With this unique balloon powered project, Google hopes to bring web access to remote parts of the world where more conventional means aren’t practical, but their efforts don’t end there.

Google has now officially rolled out a new service (and app) called Wi-Fi Passport, which is currently exclusive to Android 2.2+ users in Jakarta, Indonesia. The goal of Wi-Fi Passport is to provide folks with a quicker, less congested alternative to 3G networks while on the go in Jakarta.

The new Wi-Fi-powered system also makes it easy to log-in and automatically connects to any compatible Wi-Fi hotspot while traveling around town, without re-entering your credentials or going through any other complicated hoops. The service isn’t free, but the pricing is very cheap.

Google’s Wi-Fi Passport partners with MOGPlay to offer customers  two different packages: 20 days of service for 20,00 IDR (about $1.86) or 50,000 IDR for 50 days (about $4.65). Keep in mind that the service works by activating “24-hour passes”, that means you’re 20 days of service doesn’t have to be used back-to-back. Once you buy a 20 or 50 day pack you have 60 days to use it.

While Google has yet to highlight its future plans for Wi-Fi Passport, we doubt that developed nations in Europe or North America are too high on the priority list. Instead, if the service proves successful in Jakarta they will likely start (slowly) roll it out to other emerging markets throughout the globe.

Whether its Project Loon or Wi-Fi Passport, it’s good to see that Google is truly doing its best to bring affordable Internet access to everyone. What do you think, would you like to see Google’s Wi-Fi Passport service come to a city near you?