india android development course training

It’s no secret that Google – and competitors like Apple or Facebookview India as a key market for their future. With hundreds of millions of users waiting to come online, most on them on mobile first, India has tremendous potential.

But for Google, India is more than a source of valuable new users. By 2018, the country will be home to the highest number of developers in the world, and Google wants to make sure that this workforce is skilled in Android development.

Google announced today an Android Skilling program that aims to train two million Indian developers over the next three years. Through the initiative, Google wants to establish an end-to-end Android training program, specific training channels, and a certification program that will attest that developers are ready to work in the field of Android development.

Google is launching The Android Development Fundamentals course across universities and training institutes of the National Skill Development Corporation of India. The course will be led by certified instructors and it will be integrated with Computer Science curricula. The course will also be covered in the Mobile Computing Course by NPTEL. Those who can’t attend the courses in-person will still be able to access the course materials, which will be open source.

Google will also work with training partners including Edureka, Koenig, Manipal Global, Simplilearn, Udacity and UpGrad to ensure that their trainers and courses are up to snuff.

Finally, trainees will be given the opportunity to take an exam called Associate Android Developer Certification that will help them obtain jobs in the industry. This certification is recognized globally and is designed to assess skills and knowledge that are actually required in Android development jobs. Interested developers can already take the exam, for a fee of Rs. 6500.

Check out the presentation page for the initiative – note that some of the materials and initiatives are not exclusive to Indian developers, so budding developers worldwide can check them out.