google wallet

Yesterday, Google announced they would shutter the Checkouts program for online merchants. Instead, those online retailers who utilize Checkouts are urged to migrate to Google Wallet, which has made some recent improvements ahead of this announcement.

Those improvements, geared toward making life easier for merchants, include a few new APIs. The Instant Buy API is meant to allow for faster checkout, especially on mobile devices. The Wallet Objects API allows for a loyalty rewards program, like earned points.

For merchants who may not have a payment processing portal, Google has wisely approached a few of the bigger names to offer a discounted rate for those who need to sign up. Retailers can get up to a 20% discount at Braintree, Shopify, or Freshbooks just for being a new Google Wallet customer. Freshbooks is even offering a 60 day free trial for those who migrate.

There is no rush for retailers, though. They’ll have until November 20, 2013 to find new solutions for their business. Google has made the migration process as seamless as possible, which will trickle down to consumers. We only hope retailers take advantage of all that Google has on offer. A faster checkout with a rewards program sounds like e-commerce heaven.