The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is selling like hotcakes, and Google Wallet continues to gain ground as a leader in the mobile payment space. Sadly, you can’t use both together. Luckily for U.S. users, there’s an unofficial solution to that problem. Unless you use Verizon.

There are plenty of potential reasons why carriers may not want their customers using Google Wallet. They may have their own mobile payments solutions in the works, or they may be looking at deals with other companies. No matter what the reason, Note 2 owners who want to use Google Wallet can’t do so officially.

Verizon users are out of luck until their bootloader is unlocked, but if you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user on AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile in the U.S., an XDA Developers Forum post contains a solution to get Google Wallet working on your device. To use this method, your Note 2 will have to be rooted and running ClockworkMod Recovery.

For the rest of the instructions and the files you’ll need, hit the link in the sources section at the bottom of this article. As always with this sort of thing, use caution.

Has anyone out there done this yet? How is it working so far?

Kristofer Wouk
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