If you have the same wallet as George Costanza’s (a character in Seinfeld) in the Google Wallet teaser video that Google released last month, it’s time to say goodbye to your fat, overcrowded wallet and let your phone takes it place–possibly today, as the search giant has been rumored to launch Google Wallet today.

TechCrunch posted a leaked image of documentation sent around to Google Wallet partners such as Macy’s, Subway, Walgreens, Toys R’ Us, and American Eagle, stating a September 19 launch date to introduce Near Field Communication (NFC) transaction technology nationwide.

Incidentally, the launch date also coincides with the start of the NFC World Congress, which gives some credibility to the leaked document. The said conference will kick off on September 19 in the French Riviera.

Google will not be exhibiting anything or presenting anything at the said conference–but MasterCard, one of Google’s major partners for Google Wallet, is a major sponsor for the event.

Google had announced previously that Google Wallet may be officially launched some time during summer, so the leaked document from TechCrunch is still in line with the target window for launch.

The said document also mentioned that only PayPass-enabled Citi MasterCard subscribers can avail of tap-and-pay convenience through NFC technology–at least for now.

Google has announced last June that it will be providing special Google Wallet stickers to enable non-NFC smartphones to use Google Wallet.

Google Wallet, which has been demonstrated to work on the Nexus S 4G (available on Sprint), is hoped to introduce NFC technology to consumers. The Nexus S 4G is the only compatible phone for now.

The upcoming Google Nexus Prime, rumored for launch either next month or in November, is also reportedly capable of NFC technology.

How eager would you be to use Google Wallet once it becomes available (if ever) to your current Android smartphone?

Image credit: TechCrunch

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