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Google Wallet Discontinues Prepaid Cards, Refunds Coming Soon

September 10, 2012

Today, Google announced that they soon will be discontinuing their Prepaid Card program. Since the latest versions of Google Wallet enabled users to add any debit or credit card, the need for Google’s prepaid card has diminished. As a result, starting September 17th, you will no longer be able to add funds to your existing Google Prepaid Card or add a new Prepaid Card to a new Google Wallet device. Come October 17th, the Google Prepaid Card will automatically be removed from the Google Wallet app. Have no fear, if you happen to have funds left on your Prepaid Card, you’ll be able to request a refund.

Additionally, Google Wallet now has new terms and conditions. In the past, you were charged a $2.00 as a  monthly service fee after 180 days of inactivity. Since the Prepaid Card service is going away soon, you will be charged this fee after 30 days without any transactions. Don’t worry, this fee is automatically deducted from the balance of your Prepaid Card. If you still have a balance on your Prepaid Card, to avoid a service fee, you’ll want to spend your remaining balance by October 17, 2012.

Not sure if you have a balance? Open Google Wallet, select payment cards, swipe to the card labeled Google Prepaid Card. If you have a balance, just tap ‘Select Card’ below, and you’re all set.