Paul Wilcox, a community manager at Google, announced yesterday that the most sought-after fix for the annoying, irritating bug in the Google Voice Search app for the Google Nexus S will be coming out this week.

“We plan to release an over-the-air update this week which includes a fix for this bug. I’ll post again once the OTA starts,” Wilcox told Nexus S users on Google’s support page discussing the said bug.

The bug has been plaguing Nexus S users for months, and Wilcox’s announcement elated a lot of Nexus S users.

The bug causes the Nexus S to automatically launch Google Voice Search, and sometimes opens when the phone detects any movement if the phone is kept unlocked.

The bug in the Google Voice Search app has been a cause of disruption to a lot of Nexus S users, since Google Voice Search sometimes automatically opens and then closes even while the user is in the middle of a task such as making a phone call or composing a text message. This frustrates Nexus S users, for they can’t properly uses their phone because of the bug.

Owing to the fame of the Nexus S, and the large number of users affected by the bug, Global News aired a news segment about it. Global News asked Samsung and Google for comments. Samsung assured that Google will be fixing the issue this week.

Nexus S users are eagerly waiting for Google’s over-the-air (OTA) update to get rid of the Google Voice Search bug on the Nexus S.

If some similar annoying bug happens to crawl on your Android phone, what will you do?