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Google Voice finally gets carrier MMS support

Google has just launched MMS support through more than 100 carriers in North America. MMS works through the new Hangouts integration as well. Most major carriers are on board, with one significant holdout in the U.S. Did your carrier allow MMS support?
October 6, 2014
Google Voice Hangouts MMS

For many U.S. and Canadian Google Voice users, the only missing piece to the puzzle has been MMS support. Most of you can prepare to celebrate. The day has finally arrived, with Google making an announcement through staff member Alex Wiesen on Google+ of picture messaging support through more than 100 carriers in North America.

Some key players are on the list of supporting carriers, including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in the U.S. and Bell Canada, Telus and Rogers in Canada. However, a glaring omission remains – Verizon has not yet signed on, leaving customers of the nation’s largest carrier out in the cold.

Verizon users, and the rest of us up until today, have been able to somewhat unreliably receive MMS picture messages through Google Voice, and more recently Hangouts, with messages routing into your gmail inbox. After today, those with the right carrier support will receive not only one-to-one picture messages, but also group MMS. Of course, group MMS will come in as an individual message, but you still get the picture (pun intended.)

Hangouts Dialar android apps
Google is ready to take this to the next level, with an open call for other carriers to enable MMS support for Google Voice as well.

There is no app update to speak of for this one, just check into Hangouts, or Google Voice, and fire off your message. Of course, if you do not have the apps installed, head into the Google Play Store to grab your copies of Hangouts and the Hangouts Dialer, or grab Google Voice, if you haven’t opted into the integration yet.

We’ve been able to confirm both sending and receiving picture messages through the Hangouts app on Android. Have you been able to send and receive MMS yet?

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