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Google Voice merging into Hangouts, starting now

Google has begun merging Google Voice with Hangouts. No app updates to look for, just wait to see the notification in Hangouts on your Android device to get in on the fun.
September 10, 2014
Google Hangouts Voice merge notice

Reports are coming in that Google has flipped the switch that merges Google Voice with Hangouts. If you’ve got the update, you’ll see a big “Migrate Google Voice to Hangouts” notification inside of Hangouts on your Android device. Tap the Turn it on! button to get started.

Once you activate the feature, Google says you’ll no longer receive voicemail or text messages in the Voice app or website, instead, messages will make their way to Hangouts on your Android device or PC.

You may now also see the prompt on your Voice account on the web.

Google Voice Web Hangouts Merge

As things are still just rolling out, integration still has a few awkward pieces to work out. SMS messages from Voice are showing up in your Hangouts chat as “via GV” and you cannot yet choose which number to use in responding to the message.

One of the best features involved here is that incoming SMS messages will land in the Hangouts extension in your Chrome browser on your PC. Previously, you had to put apps like MightyText to work to get SMS from your phone onto your computer.

The update is being pushed on Google’s end of things, there is no new app updates to speak of as yet. We’ll be watching this progress and let you know how it all plays out.

Finally, for those still waiting, Voice migrated into Hangouts still does not support MMS, sorry.

Have you guys seen of the Voice to Hangouts merge yet? Are you liking it so far?