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Google voice search adds support for Indian accents

Google has announced it now supports Indian accents for Google Voice search, at least for Indian users speaking English.
June 24, 2014
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Right now Google’s voice search supports 47 languages globally, not to mention the number of different accent variants for select languages such as English. An area where voice search is lacking, however, is in one of the Google’s biggest potential markets: India. The good news is that Google has now added Voice Search that is compatible with most Indian dialects.

Now it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean Google voice search supports native Indian languages, instead it is able to recognize English that is spoken even with a very thick Indian accent. There’s also limited support for Hindi phrases and words, and Google promises that their plan is to eventually bring full voice support for Indian languages.

In a press event, Google states that they were able to effectively get voice search up and running thanks to the efforts of over 700 volunteers across the country. These volunteers were asked to read search queries in a variety of different settings including busy streets, within cars and more. This allowed Google to not only get a better feel for the many different accent variations but it was also important for setting up a situation that was as close to real-world use as possible.

For our readers in India, you’ll be able to use voice search immediately by selecting English (India) on any Android device running at least version 2.3.