A new rumor claims that Google is acquiring a new facial recognition start-up company called Viewdle. According to Forbes, Google will likely pay around $30 million for the company. Keep in mind that this is all speculation and rumor, at least for now. Not surprisingly, Google and Viewdle both are responding with the same “no comment” routine.

So what is Viewdle all about? The company was founded in Ukraine in 2006 and is currently based out of Silicon Valley. The start-up has several Android apps such as SocialCamera and games like Third Eye, in addition to several facial recognition patents that Google is likely to be interested in. Probably its biggest feature, though, is its unique automatic tagging system for photos of friends and family.

Will this prove to be more than just a rumor? More than likely. Facial recognition is a hot technology. Google isn’t the only one buying up these types of start-ups, either. One of the biggest facial recognition start-up purchases came from Facebook earlier this year when the social network rival acquired “” for a little under $60 million. Considering Facebook is the biggest competitor for Google+, this purchase isn’t all that surprising.

Google+ has quickly sprung up to be one of the most important social networks on the Internet. Acquisition of new technology and start-ups help Google expand the services they can offer through their growing social networking service. What do you think of the talks of the Viewdle acquisition?

Andrew Grush
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