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New video details how Google responds to U.S. search warrants

Ever wonder how Google handles a request for user information via an U.S. search warrant? In a new video, Google illustrates the entire process.
March 28, 2014

In light of NSA snooping and all the other privacy drama that hit last year, companies such as Google have been doing their best to clarify exactly how they handle government requests for user information, and what the company does to protect our privacy.

Just last week, we learned about how Google is planning to better protect our data by constantly requiring an HTTPS connection and by encrypting every email message you send or receive while moving internally between Google’s data centers. Now Google wants to also clarify how it handles U.S. search warrant requests, using a 3 1/2 minute semi-humorous video to do it.

The video takes us through the entire process starting with a federal agent obtaining a warrant from a judge. Google then takes us through the steps involved after they receive the warrant, such as Google’s efforts to check for errors and narrow the scope of information given to the government. The video also talks about how Google will send back a warrant and ask for further clarification in the event that the warrant is too vague in terms of what the government is looking for.

While hopefully none of us ever have to worry about a warrant for information be issued against our Google account, the video is still worth a look if you’re at all curious about the process and what Google does to protect its users.