Enhanced Google Search results

Today Google announced that it has updated its Google.com search results page for Android and iPhone devices.  The company has added a simple to use button to the left of the search box on result pages that helps users quickly refine search results based on time frame or result type (news, product, etc). The new menu can also be used to add images to the search results.

The new feature doesn’t seem to work perfectly, though.  I tested it on an HTC DROID Incredible for Verizon and instead of simply scrolling the search results off to the right of the screen when the menu appears, as Google suggests should happen, instead the entire page zoomed out so that the full width of the content could be seen.  This made the links for the menu a lot harder to tap accurately.

Still, it’s a nice new feature. It will be nicer still once it’s been tweaked a bit, I imagine.

Also, it’s worth noting that this new feature does not currently seem to work the the excellent Dolphin browser for Android on the HTC DROID Incredible.  Update: Seems that Dolphin on my CLIQ works with the new feature, and I didn’t have the zoom problem on Dolphin or the default CLIQ browser – so your mileage may vary.

An additional screen shot is available after the jump.