Improved searching experience.In a very pleasant announcement over at the official Google Mobile Blog, we are happy to report that Android now uses a new and improved Google search experience (and so does the iPhone). No matter how you like to do your Googling, the end experience should be much smoother and more user friendly from any iPhone or Android device.

In particular, we should expect to see improved load times for search results as well as a specially formatted hits listing that eliminates the requirement to scroll from side to side or do any of that zooming malarkey. Given the fact the G1 holds the Android spotlight at the moment, it makes sense that this touch-sensitive device should also benefit specifically; Google have included buttons that are designed purely for tactile interaction. Nice! The last improvement Google have mentioned includes “expandable maps for local business results”. Very useful for locating the physical whereabouts of your searches!

Keep it comin’ BigG, keeping it comin’….

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.