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On their Google+ page, everyone’s favorite search-centric company announced an improvement to their core function. In addition to providing definitions, Google will now give you examples of how the word is used, as well as synonyms.

Users can either enter “define:” followed by their word of choice, or use voice search. For some words, simply entering the word in the search or omnibox will bring up the definition and synonyms, but not all. Searching for “Android” yielded a host of results about our favorite operating system, while asking Google to define it brought up the definition ahead of search results.

Google notes this feature is available on both desktop and mobile, but I found using the “define:” prompt to give the best results when not using voice search. Accordingly, asking Google Now to define a word gave the same definition first result.

Another cool update is found in the dropdown menu for a word you asked for. You’ll find a host of cool features, but the translate function is new. When you select a language, all future searches will be translated to that language in the section below the dropdown. You can, of course, change your preferred translation language at any time.

In asking Google to define “Android” and “Authority”, a host of interesting synonyms came to the forefront. While we can mix and match at length, we think “Cyborg Sovereignty” is fitting.

We’ll wait for Glass to come to retail before making the switch, though.