The Android Web Market is one of those things that define an OS like Android. Built to oppose Apple’s Appstore and attract developers to the platform, it’s been doing its job well. However, there is still room for improvement. One of the main things that critics harp on is the user interface, specifically the area of screenshot navigation. The main criticisms were mainly two – you could not click Next or Previous, mostly because these buttons were non-existent, and the zoom feature for screenshot close-ups were closed by finding and clicking a tiny X button.

Now those are pretty surprising oversights – mainly because modern “lightbox”-style galleries, the type which Android uses, have already overcome these two criticisms by adding easy navigation buttons and allowing you to click anywhere on the screen to get rid of the close-up. You’d have expected Google to implement these solutions on the initial roll-out. Well, it’s better late than never – Google has actually done just, and threw in a few more features.

Here’s a list of what you can expect to see the next time you log-on to the Android Market:

  • the Next and Previous buttons are finally there
  • just clicking on the close-up of a screenshot will be good enough to move you to the next one
  • you can now close any image close-up by clicking anywhere on the screen
  • in-line rotation buttons let you turn sideways images the right side up

So there. If you haven’t received the new UI, wait awhile for the roll-out to reach you – or better yet try again later.

Source: Android Police




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