If you’re using Android, you probably have a Gmail account. Google’s wildly successful e-mail service has become an Internet staple – with Google essentially winning the online e-mail wars. Well, e-mail services while convenient for online browsing have a bit of a problem when it comes to actually having access to the messages on your phone when you need it. That’s why Google’s Gmail app for Android smartphones is another big success for the company.

It’s still not perfect though, that’s why the big G has just updated the Gmail app and took the program up to version 2.3.5. There’s quite a kerfuffle around data plans right now, so Google is taking a look at making sure their service delivers. With the data plan of most carriers moving towards more metered and tiered plans, the app has been modified and given the ability to synchronize with just their priority inbox. This saves on bandwidth and battery life by just limiting the amount of data being transferred.

Another added feature is, similar to the desktop browser version of Gmail, users are now able to mark and remember the ‘Show Pictures’ option for embedded email images. This limits the amount of data also sent and can save you from nasty e-mail viruses.

The final feature to be added is the ability to use labels to show notifications. You can now know who’s sending you an e-mail by attaching a ringtone or you’ll know exactly what the e-mail will be about.

Plus, the entire thing is free. You can get the latest version of Gmail from Android Market free of charge.

Source: Gottabemobile

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