Version 1.0.6 of Google+ has just been released this month. Android users of its standard smartphone app will be happy to note that this latest update presents a function for re-sharing content posted by other users. Simply choose a post, click on the re-share option and then select who in your network will be allowed to see it.

No release dates have yet been announced but the web edition for other mobile devices, as well as the specific version for the iOS, is reportedly going to receive the upgrade soon.

If you haven’t tried Google+, then this is the time you should get started. The features incorporated within this umbrella app are all geared towards simplifying communication. There are four: Circles allows you to set social network groups and control content sharing with the right recipients, Stream keeps you updated on the latest news from your group, Instant Upload is for sharing multimedia files, and Huddle is a group messaging platform.

There are other improvements that come with the Google+ 1.0.6 version of the app besides the post resharing feature. These include support for 38 languages, clearer options for Instant Upload during installation, and some small changes to the user interface. Examples of the bug fixes accomplished are removal of the Instant Upload duplication that occurs with HTC smartphones, missing name errors in Huddle, and the sudden miscount of notifications that happens when switching viewing modes from portrait to landscape.

via ubergizmo