droid-site-1The BGR continues to pillage its sources within Motorola. This time, they bring us technical specifications and screenshots taken from Motorola’s own website of the up and coming ‘Droid’ device which they were raving about the other day. It turns out Motorola prematurely released information on Droid and then took it offline. This did not prevent someone grabbing screenshots while they were there, though.  The advertisement campaign which Michael has highlighted in his previous post is something rather bold, and entirely revolves around the iPhone. Lots of ‘iDont’ and ‘Droid does’. Despite the fact that this clearly shows that Motorola are playing a long distant second fiddle to Apple, their iPhone and their market share, it does not demonstrate any weakness on Motorola’s behalf. This is backed up by the feature list that we can now confirm, for real.

First, the browser appears to support HTML 5 and therefore Google Gears. This is probably a by product of Android 2.0 (Eclair) but there is always the off chance that this is something Motorola have organised themselves. Second, the phone is alleged to support Adobe’s Flash next year (2010). It also offers a 5MP camera with image stabilization and dual LED flash for night shots, coupled with a 3.7’’ WGVA wide-screen display for viewing your beautiful photos. Add ‘proximity and ambient light’ sensors with a ‘550 mHz’ processor and we’re onto a winner, we feel. For a more detailed list of specifics, such as what dedicated keys there are and the exact measurements, take a look at the image gallery after the jump courtesy of BGR.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.