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Google reportedly cancelled Twitch deal over potential anti-trust concerns

Wondering what happened to the Google-Twitch deal? According to Forbes, Google cancelled due to potential anti-trust concerns.
August 26, 2014
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After hearing several reports that Google was in works to buy the Twitch game video streaming service, yesterday’s announcement that Amazon had instead bought out Twitch came as a bit of a surprise. So what the heck happened to Google’s efforts to buy the service? While we don’t officially know what happened, a new report from Forbes claims that the deal fell through because of potential anti-trust concerns — citing “sources familiar with talks”.

Google was reportedly concerned that they would run into problems getting the deal approved, due to the fact that Youtube already has streaming capabilities for gaming sessions. This led to a disagreement between Google and Twitch over the breakup fee if the deal ended up falling through. As a result, Google simply walked away from the table, giving Amazon an opening to jump in and make its own offer.

It’s still unclear what Amazon plans to do with Twitch, but we have to wonder how a Google-owned Twitch might have changed things for Youtube and for Google’s video game community efforts. What do you think, was Google wise to walk away or would they have been better off pushing forward, regardless of potential anti-trust concerns? What do you think of Amazon owning the service, good or bad for Twitch’s future?