There are many of us who are disappointed that Google TV didn’t take off like it should have. By combining the internet with television, it was the perfect competition for Apple TV. Google hasn’t given up on it yet. Just a few days ago we reported on Google TV allowing Play Store access on television. As it turns out, that’s just the beginning of the features Google has planned.

Recently, a video was released that outlines the next set of features for Google TV. There are some pretty exciting features planned. One such feature is dual screen integration where people can choose something on their tablet or Android phone and it gets played on TV. Another is voice searching that works on TVs, tablets, and phones where you simply say what you want to watch and Google TV starts playing it.

Unfortunately, the video was taken down as quickly as it was released. The reigning opinion is that someone clicked the public video button instead of the private video button. So the video is currently unavailable to view. However, that doesn’t mean that Google TV enthusiasts shouldn’t be excited about future features. Below are some screen shots from the video, courtesy of Engadget.

Google TV

Google TV

So when are these new Google TV features going to be released?

Sadly, the answer is likely later rather than sooner. A Google spokesperson told Engadget that the features are expected in coming months but they aren’t prepared to announce anything soon. That’s a drag. It’s possible that the updates will be ready by early next year. A more reasonable assumption is sometime around Q2 2013.

Given that Google has been spending a lot more time on Google TV, it’s safe to say they aren’t giving up on their competition with Apple TV. There are a lot of great things about Google TV but it still hasn’t caught on with consumers yet. Perhaps this next line of updates will help bolster interest. Is anyone excited about the upcoming features? Tell us your thoughts.