Google has pushed out a new update for its Google TV Remote app, which the search giant launched in late 2010.

The new update gets rid of the swiping D-Pad and replaces it with a tappable D-Pad, which got a slight design change. Voice command support has been extended to work with Voice Search on Google TV 3.0, accessibility support has been added to the app in addition to a new icon featuring a microphone. Lastly, it seems that third-party apps are also able to similar features to the Google TV Remote app, such as Able Remote.

These are all very minor tweaks to the app, but as Engadget mentions, it’s nice to see some attention finally being paid to the app. If you use the Google TV Remote app, you can head on over to the Play Store to get the update now.

If you aren’t familiar with the Google TV Remote app, it can be paired with your Google TV when your Android device is on the same network as it. This, as the name of the app implies, allows you to use your Android device as a remote for your Google TV, which allows you to send videos and web pages to the TV among other things.

Brad Ward
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